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  • Misbehavior Is Not Okay

    Misbehavior Is Not Okay

    I was inspired after reading David Pogue’s February 6th blog post entitled “Why Are People Such Jerks Online?” to put forth my own thoughts on the matter of online misbehavior that, in most cases, we don’t encounter in what I like to call Real Life, or RL. In Mr. Pogue’s article, he draws the conclusion that…

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  • Where The Hell Does It Come From?

    Where The Hell Does It Come From?

    I wonder how many writers out there secretly think they’re nuts. I’m not one of them, because I already know I’m nuts. In the best possible way, of course. 🙂 But seriously, there are times when some of the stuff that goes through my head makes even my own psyche jump back a bit and…

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  • Writing: The Cure for Dealing With Things That Hurt

    Writing: The Cure for Dealing With Things That Hurt

    I’m one of those disgustingly upbeat people. You know, the kind you want to just haul off and sock in the jaw for coming across as almost stupidly optimistic all the time. The kind you sit back and think to yourself must have had the most awesome, charmed life ever led. Yeah, not so much,…

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  • The Actors Aren’t to Blame

    The Actors Aren’t to Blame

    My publisher, who used to be a publicist with NBC a few years back, warned me this was coming. She saw the writing on the wall when I shared certain tweets and posts with her. Sadly, she was right. Back in my post entitled “So Much Lip Service – Part 2,”I mentioned that there have…

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