The "Takers" Series

by Chris Davis

Tag: ohana

As We Embark Upon The Journey Into 2012: Just Do It

2011 was both a strange and wondrous year for me. I have made some gigantic changes in my life, some for the better and some I’m still wondering about. I’ve managed to complete two whole screenplays and enter both of them and a partially completed third into screenplay writing contests. (You can click the ‘Screenplays’ tab above to see what…

The Actors Aren’t to Blame

My publisher, who used to be a publicist with NBC a few years back, warned me this was coming. She saw the writing on the wall when I shared certain tweets and posts with her. Sadly, she was right. Back in my post entitled “So Much Lip Service – Part 2,”I mentioned that there have been cases where soap opera…

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