The "Takers" Series

by Chris Davis

Tag: LiveJournal

…You Might Be a Project Manager (With Apologies to Jeff Foxworthy)

If you think someone asking, “When can you have this done by?” requires a Microsoft Project Schedule and a consultation with your online calendar before you can even begin to respond, you might be a project manager. If your child asks you for extra help with their homework, and your answer is, “I’m sorry, but Mommy doesn’t have enough resources…

Writing: The Cure for Dealing With Things That Hurt

I’m one of those disgustingly upbeat people. You know, the kind you want to just haul off and sock in the jaw for coming across as almost stupidly optimistic all the time. The kind you sit back and think to yourself must have had the most awesome, charmed life ever led. Yeah, not so much, as those close to me…

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