The "Takers" Series

by Chris Davis

Tag: Lady Gaga

Am I Just Creepy?

You know, handling the recent launch of a Halloween-themed writing contest for a group I’m a member of called the Tracy Island Writers Forum got me to thinking, especially when I became ridiculously excited at the prospect of writing a scary story for the challenge myself. All my life, since the first time I was ever allowed (okay, I snuck…

Yeah, I’m Weird…But I’m a Writer, so That’s Normal!

Yesterday was…interesting. There’s a lot of upheaval where I live right now as my roomies finish the unpacking from something like 3 months ago, in preparation for a friend coming to visit…all the way from Belgium! It’s interesting how this affected my writing yesterday. I’ve been plotting, planning and diagramming like crazy for about a week in a full-steam-ahead onslaught…

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