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  • Movie Review: “Sonny”

    Movie Review: “Sonny”

    Summary: A young man raised by his prostitute mother to be the same thing she is wants desperately out of the life he was born into. He thinks things will be different out among ‘the squares,’ but when he finds out it’s not, he realizes he’s trapped. There’s maybe a chance for him to get out,…

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  • Movie Review: “Friends With Money”

    Movie Review: “Friends With Money”

    Summary: Four best friends – along with the spouses of three of them – navigate their various relationships and issues in life even as the fourth pines away for a married man and keeps looking for love in all the wrong places. Well, you all should know by now that I watch (and review) movies with…

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  • Screenplay “Fractured” Submitted to Sundance Contest

    Screenplay “Fractured” Submitted to Sundance Contest

    So I’m quite pleased this rainy, soggy Monday in Memphis – in spite of the fact that my front yard is a friggin’ pond at the moment! Back on November 29th, I received an email from Openfilm, who – as explained on their website – is “a technology company and online community of film lovers and…

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  • Movie Review: “Oyster Farmer”

    Movie Review: “Oyster Farmer”

    Summary: After his sister is debilitated by a car accident, Jack Flange moves from the city out to the middle of nowhere to work as an oyster farmer closer to where his sister’s going through rehabilitation therapy. He has a bright idea to make the money she needs to keep going with the therapy, but…

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  • …You Might Be a Project Manager (With Apologies to Jeff Foxworthy)

    …You Might Be a Project Manager (With Apologies to Jeff Foxworthy)

    If you think someone asking, “When can you have this done by?” requires a Microsoft Project Schedule and a consultation with your online calendar before you can even begin to respond, you might be a project manager. If your child asks you for extra help with their homework, and your answer is, “I’m sorry, but…

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