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by Chris Davis

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Guest Post by Joanna Neilson: 5 Ways I Beat Writer’s Block

I am very proud to host my blog’s first ever guest post, by Joanna Neilson, aka Jo aka JKNeilson. You can find out more about Jo below her wonderful article about how she beats writer’s block! 5 Ways I Beat Writer’s Block by Joanna Neilson  As a writer, often trying to do several different projects at once, there’s nothing scarier…

…You Might Be a Project Manager (With Apologies to Jeff Foxworthy)

If you think someone asking, “When can you have this done by?” requires a Microsoft Project Schedule and a consultation with your online calendar before you can even begin to respond, you might be a project manager. If your child asks you for extra help with their homework, and your answer is, “I’m sorry, but Mommy doesn’t have enough resources…

When You Just Have To Talk About It

I think I’m correct in stating that the majority of women are not inclined to talk about their weight, whether it’s to say how much they weigh, or whether it’s to speak of gaining or losing weight, period. Luckily, I’ve never had any barriers talking about my weight, my age or anything else. Not so typically female, me. So when…

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